ZOMBIE AT SCHOOL! Funny School Pranks & DIY Zombie School Supplies by Crafty Panda

25 Lap 2020
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Hey there, spooky Pandas! Brains are not the only thing on a zombie’s menu! You would be surprised how much they love candies! So much so, that they will think of clever sneak candy into school ideas! And in case you are feeling a bit bored, Zombie will teach you funny school pranks to pull on your friends! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more funny situations & clever school DIY crafts by Crafty Panda!
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Raw Meat Gum
Bone Chalk
Sleeping Friend Prank
Hungry In Class
Zombie's Necklace
Spiders From Ear
Zombie Hot Dog
Eyeball Flirting
Tic Tac Teeth
Raw Meat
Bed Head
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