14 Vas 2021
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I thought it would be fun to put a bunch of countries in each room of my house! we had a mariachi band, taco stand, sushi chef, hula dancer, and a crazy Italian! Also, since its valentines day I had to set up a little date for my two best friends...and third wheel the entire time! Hope you guys enjoy this video!

  • you are the best

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  • In India we'll say : lama lutrii 😂😂 Sali chutiya! !!!

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  • haaaa omggg the endd

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  • Probably Pierson didn't like the stake and that's why she ran away saying that "I had an appointment"

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  • Nice lexi

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  • 😂Pineapple does NOT belong on pizza🍕

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  • Did You know pizza doesn’t taste good in Itali But the pasta dose

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    • Brent: i think is just me and you Me: 😯

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  • Right?

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  • Oh and family

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  • I laughed so hard when lexi said i do not know a lexi i am dRuNk

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  • Logan is the chef

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  • Italia

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  • I had Valentine it was amazing

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  • Do they say Owa Owa in Mexico ✨😶🧐🤨

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  • Brent: i think is just me and you Me: 😯

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  • "i set up a little date for you guys" peirson -suprised brent-smiling to hmself

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  • that ending tho

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  • when brent said cheers to... looks at peirson and then points at Lexi

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  • Lexi is such a sweet heart an a princess If you think the same |

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  • She had a unibrow

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  • I think they really wanted to be alone🤣

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  • Your my favourite you tube lexi

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  • tbh I've never tried sushi and I'll never try it.

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  • are we gonna not talk bout the ending-

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  • Fun fact: Pineapple belongs on Pizzza

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