SCIENCE CLASS #3- Why is the Sky Blue?

27 Kov 2020
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Let's get a better mental model beyond just "because blue light scatters more". I stream science LIVE M-W-F 1pm PT.
Here is Sally's channel!! She is live streaming a series on evolutionary biology-
BOSE will be sending out 8 pairs of their dope 700 headphones. 4 will go to people who post about our class on Insta, Twitter, FB or TikTok. 4 will go to my favorite challenge responses or answers to questions. You can post your challenges by tagging me on any social media platform.

  • quote from 23:02 in full: The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka!” (I found it!) but “That’s funny …” - often attributed to Isaac Asimov, though no source can be found on the internet

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  • The sky is orange because the fire is huge

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  • 10:42 explains mix races too

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  • Shadow art with my fingers

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  • I didn’t now it’s like that

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  • f for dead plant

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  • You help me learn and help my depression go away. Thank you for making this battle a little easier for me

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  • For the water on hand question. As long as you have a nonpolar substance between your hand and the water, the water will be repelled.

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  • He teaches me more then school does

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    • Ya

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  • I would love mark too be my teacher

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  • My friend told me that light bounces off watermelon peels, i worry about him.

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  • 20:56 Scientists amazed! Research finds signs of “boomer syndrome” YEARS before it happens! Jk I love your videos, looking forward to see the next video concerning the phone scammers :D

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  • how are you going to dislike a mark rober video

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  • Why aren't we see red light

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  • I knew it that the son made the sky blue

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  • 4:52 wait I am on the cout and the tv is over there

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  • why is the sky blue? because there is water above us. we are living in a vault.

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  • Is water wet or not

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  • Me last year: Wow! Interesting but idc Me today : Noooooo! Why did you stop the series.

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  • Actually the sun is 1 out of five start. Get it?

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  • ultra-voilet and infra-red.... totally blew my mind... and i'm 25....

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  • A glove that's a joke btw Um I think it is put a i don't know my best guess is melt the water

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  • i love these classes. mark is so likeable. would love to have him as my teacher.

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  • forget school this is where it’s at

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  • The sky is blue because of SCP-8900-EX

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  • My science classes were so unremarkable that I don't remember even taking a science class...

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  • Today its 3/272021

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  • Why do moonbeams appear blue? I know that the moon reflects the sun, so is the moon absorbing all other colors except blue, so that is the one it bounces back to us on earth? (This theory doesn't quite satisfy my curiosity because it seems like the moon itself should appear blue if that were the case, but it doesn't, it's white.) Or does the moon reflect all the colors back at us, but it experiences the same atmospheric phenomenon as the light that comes directly from the sun? (This explanation doesn't seem to fit either because if that were the case, then it seems like we should expect to see red-tinted moonbeams later in the night as the moon slips beyond the horizon and the light passes through more atmosphere, but that doesn't seem to be a thing.) I'm puzzled about this one.

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  • I went to sleep watching one of your videos woke up to this one playing. So 6 hrs of sleep X M3 * = Yeah I Just woke up mad smart.

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  • Ik that the water is blue cuz the reflection of the sky cuz I’m not stooped

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  • Are those your old ladies tampons hanging on a string

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  • Are those

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  • You are the best , we need this on spanish please ,let me know if I can Help Saludos de México , Sendic Ríos

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  • i didn't know he was a science guy like bill nye

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  • What about green colour? If I understood correctly, sky has to be green at some point of a day

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  • People ask they’re friends why is the sky blue over and over to annoy them This guy broke that

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  • F for the plant...

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  • Wait is not a magic?

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  • Omg I never understood Science until now... from your explanations. You really made this make sense!

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  • i have always hated learning and anything besides playing games and after finding this youtuber i have loved science he makes it so fun

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  • lube

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  • I thought you were saying "duct tape killed Ken". And besides that I didn't understand a word of this but thanks anyway. I was one of those guys who they just "passed" through school. But today I'm loaded.

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  • Tomorrow's someone's birthday. Dropping a video would be a treat for us, even for the celebration.. Love you Mark. Happy birthday in advance.

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  • Mark should explain this question what came first the egg or the chicken?

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  • Moon no atmosphere. Earth atmosphere

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  • After study 8 years of physics, now I get it. Thanks Mark!

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  • My review of corona is -5 out of 5 stars.

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  • Wow somehow I understand why is the sky blue

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  • But red has less frequency, so red should loss its all energy and we should see the blue sky, I am confused...

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  • A way to do it is aero gel

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  • There are people who are completely color blind just rare.

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  • i found this vid in my recomended and i don’t regret it

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  • My dad told me about colors when I was like five

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  • Love this! So interesting 🙏🏽

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  • can electro magnetic waves hurt you or affect hearing?

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  • Its reflecting Found that out without the internet or school

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  • Who wants mark as their science teacher

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  • I literally thought it was because the ocean was blue lol thank souch

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  • I still dont know why the skys

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  • F (For my dead plant)

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  • Violet, least common color in nature... Best for life on Earth!

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  • The sky is blue based on wave length... is Mars sky so red? I doubt it. Pictures doctored? Probably. I've been teaching this to my kids for years. Wavelength of light

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  • I haven’t seen the video yet, but i’m guessing it’s because of the atmosphere

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  • blue

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  • What is energy

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  • imdont understand

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  • The dislikes are from school physics teachers

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  • I think I want to do home schooling now

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  • The sky is blue because it is, you can ask anybody, it isn't rocket science ; )

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  • K. ,. Mm m?

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  • Anyone seeing this after 2020

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    • I’m seeing this on 10 44 tues jan 26

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  • This guy teaches better then the best teacher in my school:p

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  • Thank you!

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  • She has a PhD for Oxford but can’t understand why water makes your hand wet???

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  • im blind though.... jk ;)

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  • Can't u start these series again

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  • Hi mark! Needed to watch this from school lol 😂

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  • Q : If we pass a white light through a prism will it break into infra-red and ultra-voilet rays?

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  • oh i took this class haha

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  • i missed a lot of classes

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  • That was so f*** awesome! Its often really fascinating what the rules are and how the World works! Thanks for doing these videos!

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    • @Joe Mama He is a science-freak indeed! YEAH SCIENCE!

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    • The freak

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  • The interlacing man

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  • 1:56 the moment i realized what he was referring to. it is literally so unnoticable.

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  • dip your hand in oil then put in water

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  • Does transparent stuff absorb light or reflect ? Hmm for example plastic sheet, I think light will go through it . Will it reflect or absorb ? Mark ?

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  • Blue sky = Water outside of dome firmament.

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    • @Aura ش Exactly. Their "proof" has been disected, torn to shreds, and proven false so bad that they wiped the mainstream internet clean of the topic and even removed all related educational content on YT in 2017 and replaced them all with joke/prank videos. Very strange move for something labeled as a silly conspiracy theory. I mean why not also remove all the UFO, bigfoot, and lochness monster videos too right?

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    • Facts nobodies ever been to space

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  • The blueness on the world globe, is the sky ;)

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  • is the sky blue because the sun reflects blue rase from the sky

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