*NEW* MYTHIC items FOUND in Fortnite! (Secret Quest COMPLETE)

31 Kov 2021
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Fortnite Secret Quest COMPLETE - Check this out!
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    • Your dog water 1v1 me bot epic is Alienmarvelplan

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  • Yooooooo ali a the disguise is so if the boss at the spire looks at u.u will not get attacked by her

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  • i have finished raz's quest and now on jonesey's quest wish me luck guys :> IDK HOW TO SPELL JONESEY

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  • Probably the crystals are part of Kevin the cube!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • My bet for what is in each guardian tower is a member of the seven. Makes sense. Seven spire towers. Foundation in the centre. He rest of the seven in six guardian towers

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  • Its on the stone out side collasol crops

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  • Me who does the challenges late so that way it isn’t so stressful and I just got the raz skin

  • Ali a Those Crystals are From Chapter 2 Season 5

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  • You should make a video for the second part of the spire quest that was just unlock today

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  • Ali-A:presses device and then an advertisement pops up so the device is an advertisement

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  • the cristal shads are from the last battle pass

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  • I used code alia every day

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  • Storm beast coming back

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  • I think my game or quest might be bugged because I did the quest and finished it and I didn't get it and when I speak to tax he only says I need more time

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  • Alia go to mount Kay please me and my brother found a volcano secret

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  • Maybe The Symbols Work Like Horcruxes In Harry Potter, And That Marks Them. The Guardians Must Work For Kevin, While He Recovers

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  • I found out from bunker jonesy that blue words are about snapshots and red is about the imagined order

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  • The artifact isn't a meteor it's a tiny spire

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  • Are you why do you not change your skin in fortnight

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  • To me tax is kind of like Aladdin a bit (but that is my thought (and maybe yours). And I agree Ali a needs not only an iconic skin but with a pickaxe, back ling, weapon wrap and even maybe another style (Kevin the cube??) Hope everyone is doing well especially Alia☺️continue

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