Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)

25 Kov 2021
198 716 340 Peržiūros

Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now - Put headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience.

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Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
Director: Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X
Written By: Lil Nas X
Creative Director/Stylist: Hodo Musa
Producer: Saul Levitz, Frank Borin, Marco De Molina & Ivanna Borin
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Visual FX: Mathematic
Choreography: Kelly Yvonne
“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

Stream “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” in full 360 Reality Audio, now available on Tidal, Amazon and Deezer.
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  • Lil nas x saying I am straight than later giving lap Dance to devil

    sasuke uchihasasuke uchihaPrieš minutę
  • So he gay?

    Lil_cloud _2.0Lil_cloud _2.0Prieš 2 minutes
  • closet twerking

    novasha 12novasha 12Prieš 4 minutes
  • *Iconic twerking*

    Damien WayneDamien WaynePrieš 5 minučių
  • you sell your soul you will regret i promise and u will da soon

    Jihed MakavelliJihed MakavelliPrieš 8 minučių
  • Lil nas: I’m finally going to heaven! **dancing pole comes from hell** Lil nas: *YEA NO NEVERMIND*

    *Moon_drago N**Moon_drago N*Prieš 9 minučių
    • @U. Google oh- xD

      *Moon_drago N**Moon_drago N*Prieš minutę
    • If he continue to heaven he will give jesus a lap dance

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 5 minučių
  • 🥶

    broken skullbroken skullPrieš 10 minučių
  • **lil nas x for president y'all**

    U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 10 minučių
  • I love this song so much and I'm lesbian so it's a win win

    Ciana WoodCiana WoodPrieš 11 minučių
  • wtf i just watched

    БриллиантБриллиантPrieš 12 minučių
    • Yh

      Murder MooseMurder MoosePrieš 4 minutes
  • I love your video

    Kay BrKay BrPrieš 12 minučių

    Lucas RamosLucas RamosPrieš 12 minučių
  • no

    Samuel ArizaSamuel ArizaPrieš 12 minučių
  • This is gay as hell! ( Cartman)

    Ludwig von Me •Ludwig von Me •Prieš 13 minučių
  • **Bisexual twerking**

    MrMedic_MrMedic_Prieš 13 minučių
  • There is a reson that this has 700k dislikes

    VikDeadVikDeadPrieš 14 minučių
    • yea they miss clicked cause they had too many tears in their eyes cause they cant throw it back like lil nas

      Call Me By Your NameCall Me By Your NamePrieš 6 minučių
    • @U. Google fr

      XendNubXendNubPrieš 7 minučių
    • Its those brain washed religious people for me

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 9 minučių
  • It clip maded for funny

    RedDraGoNRedDraGoNPrieš 15 minučių
  • Uh sine pa ti se bodes

    Lamija HalilicLamija HalilicPrieš 17 minučių
  • Christian's when rappers sing about sex, money, drugs, girls, people's body: I sleep Christians when Lil Nas X makes a beautiful symbolic song about being gay, especially under homophonic households and uses Greek and Abrahamic Mythology in an artistic manner. : real shit?

    Who Knows?Who Knows?Prieš 17 minučių
  • Я бы на месте дьявола повесился....

    Мошка SlavesМошка SlavesPrieš 17 minučių
  • I hate that I keep listening to this song till he releases the new one. Be quick, boy

    Uyen TaraUyen TaraPrieš 19 minučių
  • How from riding horse we are now at twerking and cocaine?

    Lea PisankaLea PisankaPrieš 19 minučių
    • He litterally sang about lean and adultery in Old Town Road

      Nathan MendesNathan MendesPrieš 12 minučių
  • Christians be like 0_o

    playin games with teiganplayin games with teiganPrieš 21 minutę
  • o

    Janines SqaudJanines SqaudPrieš 22 minutes
  • Oxi tá amarrado em nome de Jesus 🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Junior PattinsonJunior PattinsonPrieš 22 minutes
  • 2:28 ARREPIEI

    Eletric FujoshiEletric FujoshiPrieš 24 minutes
  • I si weird but you don't boo

    Tsenlumi HazarikaTsenlumi HazarikaPrieš 25 minučių
  • Lowkey on point he kinda look like flight

    Brohihi GamingBrohihi GamingPrieš 26 minučių
  • Ears: this is very good. Eyes: what the fuck is happening.

    Dreamy-The-ProtogenDreamy-The-ProtogenPrieš 26 minučių
  • I love the symbolic in this video/song! A man is riding a gigantic phallus strait to hell. There is so much criticism and social trauma processing in this art. Genius!

    Pani ButternutPani ButternutPrieš 27 minučių

    lilianlilianPrieš 27 minučių
    • The kids LOLOLOLOLO!!!

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 22 minutes
    • I want to die

      Aziah AjiodoAziah AjiodoPrieš 25 minučių
  • Why you write Greece on the tree

    LubyLubyPrieš 28 minučių
  • i think he's gay im not to sure tho🤨

    laurenlaurenPrieš 28 minučių
    • @U. Google hes always been gay- but he came out in 2019- I'm sure that's what u were tryna say but i just wanted to clarify-

      Call Me By Your NameCall Me By Your NamePrieš 4 minutes
    • Hes already gay since 2019 mate

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 21 minutę
  • gay

    Carson CraigCarson CraigPrieš 31 minutę
    • No shit

      XendNubXendNubPrieš 6 minučių
    • exactly :)

      Who Knows?Who Knows?Prieš 14 minučių
    • Yeah

      Aziah AjiodoAziah AjiodoPrieš 25 minučių
    • yes

      bipolar grandmabipolar grandmaPrieš 28 minučių

    Anita CanalesAnita CanalesPrieš 33 minutes
  • because I'm addicted to this song

    Laura Valentina De La RosaLaura Valentina De La RosaPrieš 33 minutes
  • Je suis le commentaire français que tu cherches

    Cyril GayedCyril GayedPrieš 34 minutes
  • please keep being you. just. yes.

    E RainE RainPrieš 34 minutes
  • God loves you but that video is an appropriate you need to repent in the name of Jesus

    Leeyia CorbittLeeyia CorbittPrieš 35 minučių
    • shut up

      Who Knows?Who Knows?Prieš 14 minučių
    • He kill satan mate and disrespect him i think jesus is happy about that you want lil nas go to heaven and give jesus a lap

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 27 minučių
  • Eww

    Bullseyes ?Bullseyes ?Prieš 36 minučių
  • The fact that there is a kids version of this 🔪😃

    xFleur_ShinexFleur_ShinePrieš 37 minučių
    • @xFleur_Shine I just saw it lol

      Aziah AjiodoAziah AjiodoPrieš 25 minučių
    • @Aziah Ajiodo yep no cap

      xFleur_ShinexFleur_ShinePrieš 30 minučių

      Aziah AjiodoAziah AjiodoPrieš 33 minutes
  • Le chelo et moche

    Nina sahondraNina sahondraPrieš 37 minučių
  • *Lil Nas Cömëdør Dï'H Cüëlhas Cäsädas* Eu sempre soube que o Lil Nas era gay

    Lil PeepLil PeepPrieš 39 minučių
  • The song I good but video sucks

    Aarav AilaniAarav AilaniPrieš 39 minučių
  • Une pour les enfants non mais c’est

    Nina sahondraNina sahondraPrieš 40 minučių
  • This song is the devil's work Lil Nas x is the Devil!!! Everybody Who liked this Video should be Ashamed of themselves.😡


      Small ChildeSmall ChildePrieš minutę
    • Guys listen lil nas x is the devil

    • It’s a good song

      XendNubXendNubPrieš 5 minučių
    • This is satire right?

      Small ChildeSmall ChildePrieš 12 minučių
    • Lol dont you see he kill satan he disrespecting satan what do you want to see he continue go to heaven and give jesus a lap dance insted

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 34 minutes
  • 0:30 con velocidad a 0.25

    Bryanna Michelle LópezBryanna Michelle LópezPrieš 42 minutes
  • This is awesome

    Teron 4568Teron 4568Prieš 43 minutes
  • Yo quiero de lo que f*ma este tipo xD

    El Simp De MikuEl Simp De MikuPrieš 43 minutes
  • As Jung once said "No tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell" or something to such effect. The whole video is a grand exercise in communication via symbology with hidden meaning.

    Oscar FinchOscar FinchPrieš 43 minutes
  • swag de poule

    NalaNalaPrieš 44 minutes
  • Me sentir representada , acho q todo mundo passa por isso antes de se assumir e até msm depois , pois vivemos em um mundo q nós condenam por sermos nós mesmos , q julgam sem ao menos tentar entender Seu amor não é maior q o meu Não tem nada de errado comigo

    Camila HorranaCamila HorranaPrieš 44 minutes
    • 👏👏👏

      Thiago MendesThiago MendesPrieš 38 minučių
  • Actual art

    Marty WMarty WPrieš 44 minutes
  • Me arrependo de ter assistido o vídeo música ._.

    SuaneSuanePrieš 45 minučių
    • Pq kkkkkkkkkk

      Thiago MendesThiago MendesPrieš 38 minučių
  • Ewww I hate you lil and I thought you like heaven broo I I am not a fan anymore ewwwwww😩😩😩😩😩😢😢😢

    Xxbelly_xx baddie CALL ME BADDIEXxbelly_xx baddie CALL ME BADDIEPrieš 47 minučių
    • nigga he killed satan-

      Who Knows?Who Knows?Prieš 11 minučių
    • BAAHHA nobody cares if you’re a fan or not sissy.

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 40 minučių
    • He kill satan are you not happy with that oowwwwwwww...

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 43 minutes
  • The decline of humanity continues.

    Jordan FazzinoJordan FazzinoPrieš 51 minutę
    • oh I thought your talking about yourself for being mad not everyone is straight :D

      Who Knows?Who Knows?Prieš 10 minučių
    • Thats great humans are just destroying earth shame to us right

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 41 minutę
  • Çok iyi çok iyi çok iyi 👏👏👏

    Songül YurttapanSongül YurttapanPrieš 52 minutes
  • he gay?

    Your 02Your 02Prieš 53 minutes
    • He gay.

      Small ChildeSmall ChildePrieš 11 minučių
    • Lmao it’s so obvious

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 40 minučių
    • Hes already gay since 2019 its already 2021 why you dont know

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 40 minučių
  • Omg gay🤮

    sadece_zeynepsadece_zeynepPrieš 53 minutes
    • Yum gay

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 40 minučių
    • Yess super gay

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 40 minučių
  • i think it was ksi

    ram inforam infoPrieš 53 minutes
  • juan is gei inglish

    DANIEL78DANIEL78Prieš 54 minutes
  • This song is a bad influince to kids

    Andrew KellyAndrew KellyPrieš 55 minučių
    • There's so much wrong with this dumb comment, firstly in writing this you're a hypocrite given your poor spelling is a bad influence on kids, secondly if you let your kids watch anything with mature themes regardless of this it's a bad influence, you and the video, doesn't make it bad like you implied, third being gay is not a bad thing, kids knowing about gay people will not make them be gay, being gay is not a choice and if they are gay you can't stop that and hating them for it will only make them resent you.

      Small ChildeSmall ChildePrieš 8 minučių
    • But rapping about drugs, sex, girls, etc is certainly not influencing kids. Hypocrite.

      Who Knows?Who Knows?Prieš 9 minučių
    • Why would kids watch this

      xFleur_ShinexFleur_ShinePrieš 40 minučių
    • Thats why youtube is 13+ age

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 52 minutes
  • 🗿🔥🔩

    RegionGeev KrblsRegionGeev KrblsPrieš 55 minučių
  • Lil nax e mano ta confirmado ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

    ᴛɪᴏ sᴏʟɪᴛᴀʀɪᴜᴛɪᴏ sᴏʟɪᴛᴀʀɪᴜPrieš 55 minučių
  • Гей какой-то

    NiceNicePrieš 55 minučių
  • 🅰️🅱️🅾️🅱️🅰️

    RegionGeev KrblsRegionGeev KrblsPrieš 55 minučių
  • i will ride on satan before i rid on the horse

    Nizar GamingZNizar GamingZPrieš 57 minučių
  • Why is there so many dislikes bruh the song isn’t that bad.

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan KenobiPrieš 57 minučių
    • @U. Google nah I got some religous friends with functional brains, but there are many religous people who are like that

      Small ChildeSmall ChildePrieš 7 minučių
    • @U. Google I’m religious and I do agree with you but I am just asking.

      Aziah AjiodoAziah AjiodoPrieš 30 minučių
    • @Aziah Ajiodo what did i just said hurts but its true right

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 32 minutes
    • @U. Google I hope you do not mean all religious people.

      Aziah AjiodoAziah AjiodoPrieš 38 minučių
    • The dislike is from brain washed religious people

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš 39 minučių
  • 200M lessgoooo

    DutchDutchPrieš 58 minučių
  • _Pansexual Twerking_ _srry but, i'm scared rightnow_

    Ntora DafNtora DafPrieš 59 minučių
    • _more Pansexual twerking_

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 39 minučių
  • Eres gay?

    Melany RomeroMelany RomeroPrieš 59 minučių
    • Si

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 39 minučių
  • O clipe dele pique matue kakakakakakakkakaka

    RAFHAEL zxRAFHAEL zxPrieš val
  • This is really evil man

    Diba MwambaDiba MwambaPrieš val
  • *PAN twerking*

    sapinho chapadosapinho chapadoPrieš val
  • I'll nèvér come back to this channel, I'm gone to find me a new planet 🌌🚀

    LeVeLofGreatnessLeVeLofGreatnessPrieš val
    • good, no one will give a shit

      Who Knows?Who Knows?Prieš 8 minučių
    • Take me with you the cops are after me

      Aziah AjiodoAziah AjiodoPrieš 30 minučių
    • Nobody cares 😘😘😘

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 39 minučių
  • Es illumunati singatumadre

    Pilar RodriguezPilar RodriguezPrieš val
  • *Cocks gun

    FsoytFsoytPrieš val
  • Gay twerking

    NAJ FAN všetkých youtuberovNAJ FAN všetkých youtuberovPrieš val
  • Estou viciada nessa música 😍

    Maria Eduarda michquinis DudaMaria Eduarda michquinis DudaPrieš val
    • Tbm

      Zoey -Zoey -Prieš val
  • From riding a horse to riding satan. Lovely times we're having.

    Marcellus ThomasMarcellus ThomasPrieš val
    • @Nathan Mendes And there was plenty of debauchery in the west. Not hating.

      Marcellus ThomasMarcellus ThomasPrieš 6 minučių
    • He litterally sang about lean and adultery in Old Town Road

      Nathan MendesNathan MendesPrieš 10 minučių
  • Ok so this is what old town road has turn into. (Big fan no hater)

    SpraklesanvSpraklesanvPrieš val
  • I-

    Rapter Is A Potato Rapter Is A Potato Prieš val
  • Satan and lil nas x =💣

    le robloxianle robloxianPrieš val
  • I see why niggas call him gay

    The wild Lijah BThe wild Lijah BPrieš val
  • If u like this song u are going to hell🙂✨

    kuru senpaiiikuru senpaiiiPrieš val
    • I won’t go anywhere because it doesn’t exist and this song is fire

      XendNubXendNubPrieš 2 minutes
    • 1. Some people don’t believe in hell or heaven 2. It’s not a bad video 3. Nobody cares 😘😘

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 38 minučių
    • I dont know listening in music is suck an evilous doing but ok i expecting that

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš val
  • Les frençais son ou

  • adorei

    Kerollyne FelixKerollyne FelixPrieš val
  • Someone get him to teach Dante how to go through the Inferno faster and safer 😅

    Corina PoenaruCorina PoenaruPrieš val
  • *me looking left and right every two seconds to see if any body is watching me* 👀💧

    dykedykePrieš val
  • This is to Lil Nas X you are trash you literally are dance with Satan you’re gonna go to hell like we all like you but this song is just too much I’m not blocking you I’m disliking this this is restricted of the card list and I don’t think you’re going to go to heaven because that is so selfish and yeah it’s just a music video but that really means so much and young artists are singing up to and this is what you show them to go to hell him and all the other people are really sad about this because you are really trash

    Bubble GumBubble GumPrieš val
    • Sissy we can tell you’re 7 that believes in heaven and hell and god and satan ✋😭

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 37 minučių
    • Work on your English child before you bash something you don’t even understand. 🙄✋

      Tyler HarrisTyler HarrisPrieš val
    • open your f*cking eyes he made a criticism

      Zoey -Zoey -Prieš val
    • Mate hell is f*cking made for evil coldblooded murderer killer rapist horable human beings like hitler are lil nas like hitler the heck going on in your mind

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš val
  • dam i mean i would do that too if i can become the devil

    ZixVIZixVIPrieš val
  • bisexual twerking

    uwuuwuPrieš val
  • Alternative title: lil nas x being beautifully gay for 3 minutes straight. Wait no for 3 minutes bent.

    OnlyyxliaOnlyyxliaPrieš val
  • And just imagine your kids going to school they’re gonna get bullied because your their dad because of this music vid

    Logan Holland gamesLogan Holland gamesPrieš val
    • @U. Google he could adopt

      Nathan MendesNathan MendesPrieš 9 minučių
    • Nah that kid will be the most popular kid in school, very cool dad.

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 36 minučių
    • Hes gay how do you say he want kids in the future????????

      U. GoogleU. GooglePrieš val
  • Stripping to hell be like 😭😂

    vvPrieš val
  • Are you gay

    Charlotte AaronCharlotte AaronPrieš val
    • Yep

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 36 minučių
  • Eww

    • Your existence 😄

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 36 minučių
  • Nas I like you just pls don’t make your music vids sexual pls and I don’t mind if I buy your shoes coz they look cool and I kinda support Satan and God soo

    Logan Holland gamesLogan Holland gamesPrieš val
    • If you don’t like sexual things don’t watch it, common sense 👍🏻👍🏻

      Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Id!ot_ Äłłeñ.Prieš 36 minučių