Last Boy On Earth.. (Roblox Brookhaven)

17 Bal 2021
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Last Boy On Earth.. (Roblox Brookhaven)
Roblox Brookhaven RP
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  • You should have 100mil ngl best you tuber ever

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  • i hate girls i will not have a girlfreind if i was older

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  • Isn't it weird how calixo's brookhaven vids are hilarious but poke makes it so dramatic.

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  • Like covid

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  • MEEEE POKE PLS Upload another vid

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  • If i was one of girls l"ll steal some food and money couse alll of the girls are staring at u

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  • Poke i love you and my ipad is e1208 okay

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  • Pink huh awfully reminds me of something you need a veteran discount if you know.

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  • Lol haha

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  • 0:14 did that say jayboblow?

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  • Pog 6901st comment

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  • I am a fan of his roblox videos but he doesnt post like that and he does Brookhaven now

  • Ok I will help you but how

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  • 2:53 Poke-I didn’t see ANY boys Me-I didn’t see ANYBODY

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  • Why does poke look terrible 😂

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  • Facts: the brother was a gud paid actor

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  • Anaëlle Poke Pop

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  • i think all day and night about this vid and will bother me a long time now

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  • R.I.P my boi

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  • Also I did a rp with my friends we had 8 police cars in a chase

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  • 5 years ago why wasnt he infected

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  • Couldn’t u have cured the boys with spicy chips

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  • And um yeah um guys die and um yeah

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  • My name on Roblox is iibeatheasy

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  • 3:15 Ohhh he gonna die

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  • you just lost a subscriber

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  • Poke can you add me back on snapchat? And tiktok please im a big fan

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  • U are so cool

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  • Terrible extremely bad and i feel ashamed for being a male

    the puppet show!!! i like puppets tho.the puppet show!!! i like puppets tho.Prieš 6 dienų
  • uh UH ArE yoU OKaY Well anYWaY BacK To YOU PaTrIShA

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  • Poke

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  • imagine if this happens in real life

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  • Who do you think the world be without boys huh.... you really want to know...ok The world would have no power. How would we get us a boyfriend or get married by a boy Sports would be not real Some jobs will not be real What do you think boy hater girls HUH

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  • Poke : theres pink cars Me : what the

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  • It’s vanilla

  • I subscribed and even love your vids

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  • Being the Last Boy is really hard

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  • No i have covid maybe

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  • DO! IT! NOW!

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  • Poke I am a huge fan

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  • “If you found the buy please inform us” Dude I have no idea why they should I mean did the girls create the virus like bro this doesn’t make any sense

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  • Well I’m glad I’m a girl😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • F

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  • If I was there I would of simp on the girls XD but I only play fortnite :I

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  • That all happened in real life and I have to dress up as a girl I properly we discussed wearing girl clothes cause I’m a boy

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  • wait. we got em? hmmmmm wow they made call of duty to a girl games manufacturers

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  • oh no

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  • OH NO NOT BROOKHAVEN THE VIRUS IS TO STRONG THAT IT GOT INTO ROBLOX oh and make sure to stay safe if irl

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  • Who else misses the bloxburg vids!?

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  • Hey poke can you help me I don’t have money on bloxburg and I don’t have Rubox can u please help me.

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  • Hail hydra

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  • Pink car purple for real.

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  • get the covid mask

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  • DAH GIRL REVOLUTION IS ALIVEE Pls dont come after me

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  • I’ve been watching since the start! I love all the stories! I love Team Sloth!!!!

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  • The dramatic crying the lol😅🤣😂

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  • You should do last kids on earth

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  • I'm going to do just

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  • Man if this was real in 127 years humanity will be extinct

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    • @hippo ice yep

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    • No men = no baby no baby = no human

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  • Sebee viewers where ya at!!!?

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  • Where to dind the bunker

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  • Soooooooooooooooooo funny😂 10:28 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • 3:55 😥😥😥😥😥😪😪😪😪😖😖😖😖😟😟 your brother sacrificed hiself :(

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  • okay

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  • Hi poke I'm s really big fan

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  • Me! I am not able to reply to ur message so I had to use public chat, please give us part two(2),I’m ur biggest fan also lani btw

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  • I've been watching since 1 mil, even if I didn't have an account lol

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