Indian Scout Bobber LONG-TERM Review | 2 years+ and 15k miles Later

23 Rgs 2020
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In this video I review the Indian Scout Bobber after owning it for 2 years + and 15 thousand miles.
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Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
2:24 Choosing the Indian Scout Bobber
5:14 Power & Specs
6:22 Ergonomics
8:26 Handling
9:41 What I don’t like
10:55 What I love
Bike set up:
⚡︎ Tyres: Rear - Avon AV91/AV92 Cobra Chrome 180/65-16 | Front - Avon AV91/AV92 Cobra Chrome MT90-16 74H:
⚡︎ Phone Mount: Quadlock
⚡︎ Phone Mount Universal Adapter: Quadlock
⚡︎ Exhaust: Combat 2 into 1 by Freedom Performance
⚡︎ Air Intake: S&S Air Intake
⚡︎ Tuner: PowerVision 3
⚡︎ Turn Signals: Eaglelights
⚡︎ Passenger Seat:
⚡︎ Helmet: AGV X3000 (My specific color is no longer available)
⚡︎ Gloves:
Gear Used to Make This Video:
⚡︎ Main Camera: Sony A7iii
⚡︎ Second Camera: Nikon D7100
⚡︎ Lens for Nikon: SIGMA 17-50mm
⚡︎ Main Lens: Tamron 28-75 F/2.8
⚡︎ Other Lens: Sony - FE 50mm F1.8
⚡︎ On Camera Microphone: Rode Micro
⚡︎ Tripod:
⚡︎ Gimbal: Ronin SC
⚡︎ GoPro: GoPro Hero 5 Black
⚡︎ GoPro: GoPro Mounts for helmet: |
⚡︎ External Audio Recorder: Tascam
⚡︎ Drone: DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
⚡︎ DJI Mavic 2 Fly More Kit:
⚡︎ Drone ND filters:
⚡︎ Camera Strap: Peak Design
⚡︎ Camera Bag: Lowerpro
Video Sources:
HD Iron 883 and the Indian Scout Sixty comparison by

Indian Motorcycle announcement video of the 2015 Scout:
Indian Motorcycle announcement video of 2018 Indian Scout Bobber:
Video with Bobbers:
Empty Canvas by Laxcity
Log by Laxcity
Don't Fall Asleep by The Seige
Breakfast Is Ready by SMLE
Make sure to check out Matt Laidlaw channel. I promise he's not a douchebag 😁:
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  • Loved your review and personality - I defo wanna party with you dude. Been debating about opening the bank on a Bobber for a few years - I know, s#it of get off the pot, but this video really spoke to me in a way the others haven't. Kudo's to you bro and happy trails!

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  • I’m not even in the market for a scout right now. Your video was suggested to me by LTworlds and I wound up watching the whole thing. Your production made me think you had way more subscribers. You put some actual effort into your shots which most LTworldsrs don’t. The shots of the engine with the purple backlighting are 👨🏻‍🍳👌🏻. I hope your channel blows up! Subscribed.

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  • Dude, I ride a Ducati 1199S and love it. You just made me want to go buy an Indian to add to my garage. Thank you for that very informative video. Keep posting, I'll keep watching. Ride safe!!

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  • Yes Man I have everything exactly same as you I wanted iron 883 but scout 60 is better but now I'm seeing sixty bobber and you know it's better than both combined.

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  • I love the looks of the bike and almost bought it, but on a test drive, it felt like I was going to fall right off the back of it because the seat was not substantial enough. I bought a V-Rod instead, and am very happy with it.

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  • Suzuki Vulcan S? Lol wtf? Its a Kawasaki, not Suzuki.

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  • Thanks for a good review of this bike. I owned several Sportsters in the past and this Indian looks just better. I may be owning another bike in the near future.

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  • Put 3/4 more ad 😑

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  • Hey, you bought your Scout from Eric at Dream Machines in Roundrock. He has sold us three bikes in the past two years. Great choice!

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  • 5"9 tested it for an hour two day ago before seing this video. the guy is spot on the fells. she is a low ridder but man she can push even when limited to 35 KW. (yes new to the biker family in france sooo). Keep up the work man, loved your video.

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  • Best review I’ve seen on the bobber. Thanks Ricky.

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    Kerjner MKerjner MPrieš 13 dienų
  • Best advice I can give you man, get a Corbin custom saddle seat. Hands down the best upgrade I’ve made and after riding with it I realize why they’re so expensive. They even have an option for heat which I grabbed because the price difference really wasn’t that drastic so I figured why not. Glad I did though, not that it makes a night and day difference in the cold but it’s still a surprisingly shocking feature I’m very happy I went with. That shit gets hot! Haha But yea man, that stock “comfort” seat is garbage (idk how Indian can call it that, they’ve obviously never rode on one for an hour) and you’re right, it looks good, but like you said there’s no support lip to that inspires confidence when you throw your wrist down. In my opinion, the Corbin seat looks so much better than that one and you can tell it’s ten times the quality of the stock seat. It completely changes the comfort on your ride length time aspect as well as the stiffness of the ride. I could only ride 30 minutes before I was in pain on the stock seat, now I can go al day and my back from leaning into the stock bars is the only thing that still gets to me. I think I’ll deal with that one because I’m not sure the reduced reach bars will look that great. Also, if you haven’t already, try unloading your stock springs as much as you can. Doing that paired with the seat has me contemplating whether I want to change my shocks because the ride is so much smother; unless I do go for the Ohlins for the extra lift for a higher lean angle in turns. Oh, and I’ve read that those mid controls aren’t great on this bike. They said it was because when you’re trying to back up, they hit their leg/ankles on them because they’re right in the line of where your normal leg path goes when you do. Just a heads up in case you were thinking about that. But yea man, try the seat alone, then loosening your stock shocks, and maybe even reduce your psi in your tires like 2 psi, if that’s not enough, go with the upgraded shocks. If it is your back that’s killing you, the reduced reach bars might be an answer. But yea, let us know if you make any upgrades that solved any issues for you and what body part was hurting before the upgrade. Would love to hear if you solve the lean on the stock bars with reduced reach and see how they look. Anyway man, bike is looking good and sounds great, the dirtybirds sounds great. Shiny side up brother, ride it like you stole it!

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  • What a great honest review man, I started with the Vulcan S and I love it but I'm buying a z900 this year as a second bike.

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  • Great video and your bike is badass! Consider Mustang seat for your bobber much better comfort and still keeps the look.I sold my bobber to son and what a powerful fun bike.Now I still think of it along with my Challenger. You know I'm thinking mini apes would help with comfort. Again sweet bike I think the Indian bobber is awesome

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  • Those cheap looking parts, I know what you mean. Most of the plastic parts come from Taiwan... Or at least thats how it used to be..

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