Illusions of Time

8 Sau 2021
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1896 snowball fight:
Prospective and retrospective timing:
ISOLATION - Mind Field:
(every episode of Mind Field is free to watch on LTworlds!)
speed of time as we age:
FELT TIME by Marc Wittmann:
"Age effects in perception of time":
WaitButWhy article about The Lion King:
Barbara Walters for scale subreddit:
Barbara Walter world history image:
Examples of facts that challenge our chronological illusions:
My "Narrow Slice" video:
construal level theory:
Pipe Dream" -
Early smile image:
2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World - 1987:
Great subreddit for candid video:
New York City in 1993 in HD - DTheater DVHS Demo Tape:
"Historical consciousness: the enigma of different paradigms":
Zachary Sayre Schiffman's THE BIRTH OF THE PAST:
History of twitter UI:
Effect of roads:
Talking With Attenborough Vsauce video:
archive footage from and shutterstock
MRI clips are of my brain as taken by the Stark lab featured in this Mind field episode:
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"sweet revival" audionetwork
"passage of time" audionetwork
"desert witch" audionetwork
"facing south" audionetwork
"broadway dawn" audionetwork
"final breath" audionetwork
"tribeca" audionetwork
"carlin dream" Jake Chudnow
"martinique" audionetwork
"lazy daze" audionetwork
"imaginary sun w less voices" Jake Chudnow
"why so blue" audionetwork
"for leah" Jake Chudnow
"shona" Jake Chudnow
"moon men" Jake Chudnow
"crypt" audionetwork
"eclectica" audionetwork
"banjo ascension" audionetwork
"heat and dust" audionetwork
"twisted trip" audionetwork

  • Great video!!!! I experienced that in my mind my parents stopped getting older. Of course they did but in my mind they are still somewhere between 35 and 40 (my dad had his 70th bithday last year) :o). I guess that is because at the time they were 35-40 I left home and few years later the city so there was less contact.

    peterpiper0815peterpiper0815Prieš 9 minučių
  • I don't know how to express how much these videos give me hope. In my life, many of the people that surround me are afraid, apocalyptic, with no expectation for a future for humanity. They think modern society is inherently flawed, and the people are irredeemable. I want to thank you for the persistent reminders that we are small. It's vain to think we're important enough to be evil. This video reminded me that this time, this decade even, will have it's place in history. Humanity will inevitably keep moving forward, and none of our societies along the way will ever be good or bad. And even when we're no longer here, the universe will keep going, until it doesn't. These ideas bring me peace.

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  • that sound at 8:32 when michael says "think". with 0.25 speed is even better

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  • man spent almost half a year to make this video

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  • already liked the video for just seing your face .welcom back.

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  • my head hurts, yet ive never felt time passing by me like this before

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  • THANK YOU FOR THIS. This year im in my 30s and a lot of things that you are talking about im realising for few years. its for some reason calming to listen to this while Im working.

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  • who else is watching this in 2021???

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  • 20:12 imagine finding a 100 year old photo of someone dabbing or something you'd never convince anyone it was real

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  • "Digital Media... which builds context FOR us" La Li Lu Le Lo

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  • it's after watching your video I got to know that the feeling I feel is called sonder.

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  • "we're here too late to explore the earth, and too early to explore the stars."

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  • Watching this or any video is an Illusion of Time

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  • I'm having an epiphany after watching this video. In a blink of an eye, we will be gone from this world. We will be missed, but the universe will carry on. It's a sad and mellow feeling.

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  • So basically, the movie of the universe is a soderbergh movie

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  • Jesus Christ died for the world so we can have everlasting life. In God there is no time, God is outside of time. In the light if eternity this hard life will be a distant memory. Think about eternity..if every billion years a bird flies to a top of a Mt Everest to take a grain of sand.The time it takes for that one bird to remove all the mountain wouldnt equal eternity.

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  • I love how the first generation who lived their whole lives with the internet is getting older and we're all collectively freaking out about it with each other on the internet. Edit: Just wanted to add that, upon a whole lot of self-reflection, I have realized that I have spent a lot of my life either fearing or yearning for the future. Simultaneously afraid of bad things that may come while also looking forward to days when things are better. What this has done is it has prevented me from truly living in the present and enjoying the good times and good things, no matter how small, of the now. I look back on good times and realize that I could have been savoring these moments better, but I just coasted through things. Now I'm older, and the time I have left to experience things and enjoy life here is shorter. I guess all I'm trying to say is, don't get too caught up in these temporal illusions to the point where you wake up one morning and eight years have gone by because you never savored any present moments in your life. Take note of the things you have that are good and that make you happy and enjoy what you have. Savor life, because it goes by quick... And I've heard it just gets quicker the older you get.

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  • This is the magnum opus of your LTworlds channel. I know this isn't perminant but the impression you leave on us will out live us all. Great work and thanks for inspiring another generation.

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  • im just thinking that is their anyone younger than me watching Vsauce ;-;... im 13yo i find hes video interesting :P and sometime a little bit scary..

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  • ok but what about this thought: what happens to our perception of time when change is so frequent, but the change isnt drastic or "feels" the same. For example we get a new call of duty every year, and sure its a "change" each time, but fundamentally the same each year: some kind of solo play, some kind of survival mode, and a multiplayer mode; More specifically on the multiplayer: fundamentally its the same thing, which is people playing to try and unlock all the camos. Sure each year COD is different, but they are all fundamentally the same, which is why ive grown bored with call of duty. I play them, enjoy the minor changes, then never play the game again. The same with iphones: each year one is released but fundamentally they are the same thing. at what point does so much change happen that we ultimately expect change, and then the rapid change just becomes the standard in which its comparable to living from 0BCE to 1000CE, where sure there are changes, but it feels as if the changes are so normalized that there isnt really significant changes so the entire 1000 years feels the same to each generation? This is essentially a paradox, where the only thing to change the feeling of to much change, would be cessation of change, which would change how time is felt, but also take us to a point where we dont experience change, and so on and so forth it can keep looping

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  • These used to blow my mind, but is it strange now that I understand the concepts before the explanation - the specific terms. It's amazing how different everything is after you've spent enough time learning. Regardless these still expand your perspective.

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  • Oh that explains why time seems to fly very fast since the quarantine started, it's all been an empty experience, at least for me.

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  • Oh that explains why time seems to fly very fast since the quarantine started, it's all been an empty experience, at least for me.

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