I Survived 300 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In A Cave Only World

17 Bal 2021
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200 DAYS IN A CAVE ONLY WORLD: ltworlds.info/home/vaizdo-ra-as/1l92qcWaYrJ9hMY.html
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In this Minecraft video I survive 300 days in a Minecraft Hardcore Cave Only World. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had. This was played on a 1.17 Snapshot.
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Ghast Farm Tutorial: ltworlds.info/home/vaizdo-ra-as/xqWbqayXYK1pmps.html
Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! ltworlds.info
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  • Sb if you put a honnybottle in a crafting table you get 3 sugar

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  • SB Put glowstone or a light emitting block in the axolotl tank so you can see it more easily

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  • I don't know if you knew this Sb, but in the new Caves and Cliffs update, you can turn raw iron into raw iron blocks/.

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  • Sharpness 5 axe and strength 2 can one shot almost every mob

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  • He didint deafeat a warden


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    • @Radiance yep

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    • @Soulrrous I guess he needs to be careful

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    • @Radiance if he accidentally makes the glow squid hit the ground then it’s gonna die

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    • @Soulrrous Yeah but you can take trips flying it in and out of water

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