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How to Change Your Motorcycle Oil Learn how to change oil on your machine as TeamZilla wrench Lemmy gets some much-needed oil into the ZLA Street Glide. Don't have a Harley? Don't worry! We'll cover general oil change procedure for a variety of bikes, and drop some insider tech-tips to help make the job easy-peasy. Let's get wrenchin'!
How To Steps:
Step One: Check your oil level and condition.
Step Two: Briefly, run your bike to warm the oil. Then turn Your motorcycle off and remove your drain plug.
Step Three: Remove your old filter and swap it with a new one.
Step Four: Install the correct amount and viscosity of oil for your bike, as indicated in your manual.
Step Five: Ride!

  • In case you have any grease-work planned for the weekend... Learn how to change oil on your machine as TeamZilla wrench Lemmy gets some much-needed oil into the ZLA Street Glide. Don't have a Harley? Don't worry! We'll cover general oil change procedure for a variety of bikes, and drop some insider tech-tips to help make the job easy-peasy. Let's get wrenchin'! #OilChange #MotorcycleMaintenance

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    • I have a 2012 Nightster. Could you do a video on changing the oil drain tube. Would love to have some extra information on it

      justinjustinPrieš 10 mėnesių
    • RevZilla hey lemmy what oil color should you see to know that it needs to be changed ? Because i bought a 2013 iron 883 and the guy said he did a check up 2 months ago with a harley dealership !

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  • How to change oil!!!!! Ouao! Please make a video how to put air at the tires!

  • You need to get the engine oil up to operating temp before draining

    Kent WileyKent WileyPrieš 3 dienas
  • Why didn’t you lubed the O ring of the drain plug when you lubed the O ring of the oil filter?

    Phil GoodhusbandPhil GoodhusbandPrieš 6 dienų
  • Good thing I went to work on cars first, because now this video feels simpler than I originally though lol

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  • Ehrlich Bachmann, is that you?

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  • lmao that entrance at 14:44, you can tell he is starting to get a bit drunk.

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  • Great video mate thanks for the tips

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  • Is some oil leakage around the engine head normal for a 250 with 2005 with 33000 miles ?

    Joseph EbyJoseph EbyPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • Is warming up the engine before draining necessary ?

    Joseph EbyJoseph EbyPrieš 3 mėnesius
    • @RevZilla thank you

      Joseph EbyJoseph EbyPrieš 3 mėnesius
    • It is seriously recommended, since the oil gets thinner when hot and you are more likely to remove all the old oil when it flows easily, versus when it is cold and more viscous. -Zack

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  • no more a rookie!

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  • should you buy Harley parts only or is aftermarket ok?

    Justin PaulJustin PaulPrieš 4 mėnesius
    • Aftermarket is perfectly fine! We offer many options for Harley service parts, as well as accessories here: I hope that helps! -Zack

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  • Is it okay to switch over to a full synthetic oil or blend on a bike that just requires regular oil?

    Orlando FloresOrlando FloresPrieš 5 mėnesių
    • There should be no issue switching to full synthetic on your next oil change. There are still plenty of urban legends and old spouse's tales out there about changing from dino to synthetic, but nowadays there should be no issue. The one thing to note is that certain clutches seem to prefer one type of oil over the other, and may have slip when changed. But, frankly, that is a rare occurrence, and usually cleaning the plates then reinstalling fixes the issue when it does happen. I hope that helps! -Zack

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  • But I don't want to change my oil at Revzilla, I prefer to do it on my own driveway 😇

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    • You got us on that one... -Zack

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  • Thank you sir, love your videos

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  • Thanks Lemmy! New to the motorcycle world and learning a lot.

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  • The climax buildup to the point of removing the drainplug is legit in this video

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  • this guide was so well made. can't wait to change my own for the first time now.

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  • Wait what exactly did u do with the filter? just took it out, rubbed some oil around and put it back in? what just happened? did i miss something?

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  • Awesome 👍👍👍😎😎😎

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  • Yes interesting these things Lemmy. I don't know much about Harley, being in the UK. I have alway s warmed up engine oil before changing oil and filter it runs out better. And never over tighten a filter canister like main agent did on my car. I tried all sort or wrenched from strap wrench to banging a screwdriver through the filter. The wrenches just spun and did nothing. Plastic bag is good idea. So is putting oil in filter body before assembly. Make sure you don't get crud on threads of new filter and drain plugs. Kind regards Kind regards

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  • Should we warm the engine up before changing oil? Or we can change oil when it's cold.

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  • Holy shit 4 quarts lol this thing takes as much as a civic

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  • Much good information here. One point not mentioned is warming the motor before draining the oil. The manuals for my Honda Shadow and Yamaha Roadliner both recommend this. I understand that it helps a thorough drain by stirring the sludge at the bottom of the case back into the oil.

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  • why am i watching this? I don't even have a motorcycle

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  • This guy has teached me more about life than school

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  • Not a single word on types of oil. I felt allot of shame ust watching a how-to video on oil changes. Now I didn't even hear what I needed. What types of oil are good/ bad/ and shifty?

    Darren winstonDarren winstonPrieš 8 mėnesių
    • Darren winston I’m buying my first bike next year but my dad has had tons in the past. What I think you should do is check the owners manual for the wright oil type or it might even saw in the bottle. Lemmys Harley has a v-twin engine an don the bottle it says v-twin

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  • I would not recommend that oil wrench. I'd use one with better profile and a more common sense approach. I bought this oil filter wrench removal after trying like 7 different ones, and this one fit the best for both Ford Econoline and motorcycle. It only loosens, not tightens as you need to hand tighten your oil filter. Autozone isn't completely useless. Also, from personal experience, I was able to remove 2 oil fitlers with this thing. It's adjustable. Not sure why there's two stars, but it works for me. If it can work for me, why can't it not work for you?

    Jason LurfJason LurfPrieš 8 mėnesių
  • If the oil has the right color why do you change it? Can't you just keep it and add some more?

    L213 C193L213 C193Prieš 8 mėnesių
    • Oil is cheap, engines are expensive. It is a lot easier to swap the oil at the recommended time and potentially add on a few years to the life of it rather than not. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Gear Geeks at or 877.792.9455. Ride safe, -Pat

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  • Can you please post a link to the light that you use? Thanks.

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  • Thank you. I'll be changing my bike's I'll with your help. 🙂

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  • Lemmy looks like big Bob Ross giving the bike some happy little oil

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  • I know this is a dated video but Lemmy is a fantastic teacher and keeps your attention.

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  • This dude is actually a pimp😂

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  • Bob ross done with painting and start cruising also start drinking

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  • Love the tip on pre-filling the new oil filter with oil. Whenever i start my bike after an oil change it makes me cringe when you hear the cams running without lube for the first few seconds, causing damage. Thanks Lemmie because I really never thought I would learn anything.

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  • DON'T FORGET ( like I just did today ) Some bikes also have an Oil Screen that also needs to be inspected/cleaned/changed if necessary. This should be done after the Oil has drained out, before you fill it up again.

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  • Is there any oil additive to stop a small seal leak for motorcycles with wet clutch??

    sasulsasulPrieš metus
    • No, not really. You really don't want to be adding anything to oil when you have a wet clutch. -DrewZilla

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  • Done a ton of oil changes, and this guy is spot on. Well done Sir. You are the ChrisFix of motorcycles.

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  • Who the hell is Liam?

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  • He didn't even mentioned what temperature oil must be before draining.

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  • Man I really love your How to videos, you not only thoroughly explain how to do it, you managed to even add helpful tips to make it even better like preventing damage. Keep up the good work!

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  • I feel confident

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  • Putting the old rag at the bottom of the collecting pan to keep splatter down is a great tip...thanks, man. Another well done instruction video I'd say.

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  • i watched the whole thing and don't even have a Learner license let alone a bike. Still enjoyed it.

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  • Sir, what is your opinion on Maxima motorcycle oil for v twin? I use amsoil now Thanks

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    • @RevZilla ok , I guess I should say thanks your reply even if it reads as if a politician wrote it. I asked you the professional on what I should be using Instead I am still scratching my head.

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    • Maxima also makes good oils, but everyone has their own opinions about what's best. -DrewZilla

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  • I wonder if he too can paint like his dad...

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  • I just liked the video because of the beer reference

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  • Thanks Hagrid

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  • Fuck I love this channel

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  • What if I have a level three beard? LOL

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  • So what about getting the bike up to operating temps before pulling the drain plug?

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  • Your videos are SO helpful!!

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  • But can you check the level right after turning the engine off?

    E AE APrieš metus
    • @RevZilla then why is it the last step in this video? Should you make it run, then stop, wait for several hours and then check the oil level?

      E AE APrieš metus
    • Generally, no, because the oil hasn't settled back to the crank case/oil pan. -DrewZilla

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  • 7:21, me before I commit to a woman.

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  • "... As you can see, I'm having a little trouble getting it in there ..." Sh'yeah - that's what SHE said ... X)

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  • Nobody seems to cover the issue of how to check the oil LEVEL with a threaded 'dipstick'. - Some of the manufacturer's ask that after you wipe off the OLD oil level, you thread it back in all the way (not common) then check level. Most common is to simply allow the dipstick to sit on the 1st thread (no turning/threading) then check level.

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  • Next on RevZilla How to grow your own helmet. Cause that hair bro!!! love it man.

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  • Great video, Hey thanks!!!! 4 things I would like to add .... 1. Remove the key from the Ignition to a safe place for safety. 2. I like to warm up my engine just before dropping the oil. 3. For the initial start up after the oil change. Monitor the oil gauge/oil light for a indication of oil pressure. 4. After the oil change double check for any leaks as it's running.

    John KettlesJohn KettlesPrieš metus
  • Lemmy, i changed the oil on my air cooled metric v twin last year on the first week of may, i rarely rode the motorcycle. Ive been riding the bike a few days a week now these past few months, its been almost 16 months since i last changed the oil. Would it be a good idea to change it again? Or should i do it every 3-4k miles?

    eve ENeve ENPrieš metus
    • Oil change intervals can vary depending on your motorcycle, but I tend to change my oil once a year or at every service interval. I would double check your service intervals in your owners manual if you are curious to know when they may occur. -Luke

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  • I love how his shirt goes from clean to super dirty by the end of the video

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  • Does this guy ever breath?

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  • You said you were going to talk about disposing of used oil, too, but that never came back up.

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  • Nice.

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  • I've never seen anyone fill a filter with oil then fling it around. LOL! Installed a dry filter as an example? Keep it real. Put on the primed filter and deal with the drips. Show by example. Everything else was good.

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  • I'm not sure why im watching this. I know how to do an oil change and I don't own or work on bikes. But I'm glad I did.

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  • How often should we change the oil on our bikes?

    Lance StoneLance StonePrieš metus
    • @RevZilla thank you very much!

      Lance StoneLance StonePrieš metus
    • As frequently as is stated in the owner's manual. It's not the same for every bike. You should also be aware of all the other maintenance intervals listed in the manual. -DrewZilla

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  • Another excellent reference video for my library. Thanks RevZilla

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  • How about warming up the engine to drain the oil?

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    • That can work, but overall you should follow the recommendation of your owner's manual. -DrewZilla

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  • Bob Ross of motorcycling.

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  • Can I just say you guys are awesome for putting out vids on how to maintain your bike, and you keep the sales pitches to the min. I just get the feeling you guys seriously want to help new riders. Love it, keep up the good work.

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  • Lmao! The Zlager got me laughing. My 2016 Harley 883 is getting delivered right now!!!!!!

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  • Good video. He speaks well.

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  • Dude I loved it, I'm never change my own oil always took it to the dealership,so I said hey what do I have to lose and I started watching videos,I swear there's some dumb ass people out there because they're starting to talk to me about exhaust pipes paint jobs everything else extent of what I wanted to know which was how to change the oil,you cut to the chase took me step-by-step show me exactly what I wanted to see without the b******* and I even had a beer with you,love your video man keep doing what you're doing and anytime I have something I need to do you're going to be my go-to thanks for everything

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  • Lemmy, I think the 84-108 in-lbs is for the derby cover. The drain plugs for the trans and engine are 14-20 ft - lbs, I believe. Still, I agree with not needing a torque wrench for the tightening.

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  • Thank big bro.

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  • He forgot to mention warming the engine a little to make the oil flow a little quicker when draining. I know it's not really necessary unless maybe your doing an oil change in cold temps.

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  • Thanx Lemmy for the super video on change of oil on motorcycles !!

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  • HD is nice but I can never find anything on the classics 85 shadow!

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  • Spot• on, that's my 1st Oil change at 250K 🌏Think this HoG Deserves it ".🐌HaPpy Trail's🌵

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  • Can tell me where is the best place to buy blinker fluid?

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    • Of course! -DrewZilla *

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  • Doing your oil change yourself won't only save you money but also time, once you've done it a few times it can be done in about 30 min.

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  • I really like the way you explain everything! I just came from the chain clean/lube video, and your attitude and personality earned a subscription from me. Keep up the good quality! 👍👍

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  • Good call on captured filters. Good idea to find a parts picture of the correct assembly if you don't know who put it together last.

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  • a tip I was told when tightening something use a pushing motion horizontally, not vertical and don't pull. the farther away something is the harder it is to move so when you pull you're bringing the ratchet or wrench closer to you. when your pushing it's getting farther away less likely to over tighten it. and if you push vertically either up of down you're much more likely to use your body weight making it easy to over tighten.

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  • Hello I just changed my transmission oil with red line synthetic oil. Question is why is it pink??? It’s for a road glide

    ALFONSO thegreatALFONSO thegreatPrieš 2 metus
    • It's just their oil chemistry that makes it that color. -DrewZilla

      RevZillaRevZillaPrieš 2 metus
  • Why does Harley Davidson motrorcycle's seem to set the stage for most of the bikes you reference. I enjoy your commentary but, HD seems to get a lot of your attention. I ride a Kawasaki Mean Streak and would love to see DIY videos and etc...

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    • I think Lemmy rides harleys most, so is most familiar with them.

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  • I already know how and I've already done it several times. Why am I watching this?

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  • Crankcase and primary change?

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  • Damn Honda and their damn sight glass. My bike has it, I prefer the stick.

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  • This video we pretty dope, entertaining, informative and well edited. As a new biker I enjoyed it :) Good job!

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  • Lemmy didn't mention it but if you're draining the oil and wondering why it's coming out very slowly just remove the filler cap so air can get in

    Wally JWally JPrieš 2 metus
  • Mobil 1 is ok ??? not Harley oil... thank you,,,, sometimes Harley is closed and my friends say use only Harley oil ??? now i can say go get Mobil 1 and you will be fine correct ???

    John CasorJohn CasorPrieš 2 metus
    • As long as the oil has the correct weight and specifications for use in Harley engines, you are good. -DrewZilla

      RevZillaRevZillaPrieš 2 metus
  • how many miles should wait to change oils ??? 2017 Road Glide... Harley Davidson said: that you must put loctite PTFE sealant on all drain plugs... You did not use this ??? so it will be okay not to use this ??? i see you very little tighten that oil drain plug ???

    John CasorJohn CasorPrieš 2 metus
    • You should follow Harley's procedure, and the oil change intervals are in your manual. For Harley, it's every 5,000 miles. -DrewZilla

      RevZillaRevZillaPrieš 2 metus
  • What happens if you don''t take the old oil out and just fill in the new oil until you get close the the upper limit?

    Maor FreemanMaor FreemanPrieš 2 metus
    • Well then you keep running dirty oil and will cause long-term engine damage. The point of an oil change is that you drain the old, broken down, dirty oil and fill with fresh, well-functioning oil, so that your engine continues to have proper lubrication. -DrewZilla

      RevZillaRevZillaPrieš 2 metus