How to be a GOOD Motorcycle Passenger

23 Grd 2019
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At one point in time most motorcyclists will have to ride on the back of a bike. Here's a few tips to help get comfortable before you do.
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  • For those out there that have ridden as a passenger got any advice for the riders out there? Also, don't forget we are giving away FREE motorcycles so you don't have to be a passenger anymore, get signed up today

    Yammie NoobYammie NoobPrieš metus
    • Sir Yammie I'm riding down to Dallas this summer from Colorado, I used to live in Richardson for 18 years I hope to see you on the road!!

      FireLine2the9FireLine2the9Prieš metus
  • So the passenger is actually supposed to lean with the rider? I thought it was better if they pretend to be a stack of bricks (which neither lean nor counter lean) as their leaning constantly makes the rider have to react and readjust?

    mcluhanmedia1223mcluhanmedia1223Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • im 10 how do you expect me to get a license

    NocoeEnginesAndStuffNocoeEnginesAndStuffPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • 6:10 it's me!

    Julian RobertsonJulian RobertsonPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • First ride as a passenger today. We discussed some basic communication taps first, and upon my tap to signify I was ready, he opened the bike up. No sissy bar and I thought I was slipping off the back. I couldn’t do the pat to signify that it was too much for me, and I prayed hard .... I’m not even religious. I made it home safe and it was both exhilarating and a little scary at times. Worst part is that I’ve caught the motorcycle bug, damn I’m ready to get my own and take the test.

    JojoJojoPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • What i really wanna know is where pappa yam gets all that stock video.

    TheSaucySlurpYTTheSaucySlurpYTPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • When did “riding bitch” become “pillion”????

    TheTroll865TheTroll865Prieš 8 mėnesių
  • A good passenger should also take care to be fairly fit. It greatly helps when they can support some of their weight on the tank when braking. Don´t lie on the topic of your weight. Doing so might mean that you have to find an alternative means of transportation for your way home (some LEOs around here actually bother to use scales). A good passenger should be prepared for the posibility that wearing a helmet might ruin the hairdo too.

    Max LutzMax LutzPrieš 11 mėnesių
  • ok i feel dumb for asking but can anyone tell me what bikes are at 0:24 and 3:52?

    sturner202sturner202Prieš metus
  • I got used to only having one foot down on my KLR650, and counter balanced on the peg with the other foot! Then the one time I had a passenger, I was able to have both feet on the ground! lol

    jokerchris1jokerchris1Prieš metus
  • started as a passenger and now I’m going with my mom to get my endorsement so I can ride myself! even though she’s just a passenger she’s still getting it just in case a situation where she needs to take over happens love your channel, you’re hilarious but also informative!

    Madisynn IsbellMadisynn IsbellPrieš metus
  • I like these videos great learning tool

    Maz AkramMaz AkramPrieš metus
  • A very good passenger does absolutely nothing !

    Ash88Ash88Prieš metus
  • My friends always want to sit on my scramblers pillion , now I got a pannigale

    BA19ARC074 Alla RevanthBA19ARC074 Alla RevanthPrieš metus
  • Lol, in America do you not get ticketed without a helmet?

    Neighbourhood Idiot_668Neighbourhood Idiot_668Prieš metus
  • Normal viewers: Yammie Noob is good!! Real fans: Clean pubes Flappy boobs Our favorite Yammie Noob; 😂😂😂

    Creative EnglishCreative EnglishPrieš metus
  • It’s Pillion dipshit not passenger 😂😂😂😂

    Jason Peter FaivreJason Peter FaivrePrieš metus
  • The E in South Africa stands for electricity And the W stands for water There no electricity in South Africa there is if you are lucky but very little

    wolf Katwolf KatPrieš metus
  • It’s hard to balance during slow speeds if you a type of rider that likes to lean the motorcycle itself pretty hard because the second person usually won’t move their body to balance with you, therefore countering your lean. I rode a couple of my friends on my cbr300 most like both of us together would be like 280lbs which a lot of weight for small bike. Also one time I was sitting on my bike and with no notice my friend hopped on the back. I was very close to dropping the bike

    Megaladon7kMegaladon7kPrieš metus
  • first time i ever rode a real bike was as passenger. the rider was a big guy and we also had only helmets so i was holding on to those seat handles with my life lol. he didn't go super fast or lean too much and it was ok. it was the first time i ever felt the engine of a beautiful beast purr, in first person... i think it sparked my love for bikes even more, can't wait to get one of my own haha

    username316username316Prieš metus
  • As an Indian, I was a pillion for each day of my life till I learned riding...... Yes, each and every day.

    Anime AlphaAnime AlphaPrieš metus
  • Passenger/new rider here, thanks for the video. I started riding as a result of riding passenger of a cool sportbike of a guy I was really into. It was such a thrill that when me and the guy stopped seeing each other I decided to take a course and get a motorcycle of my own. PLOT TWIST: after I got my bike I sent a photo of me and my bike to the guy and we're back together and he's helping me learn. :) SOME THINGS TO MENTION: It's important to not crowd the rider. A few times I found myself sliding forward (I'm a pretty petite girl) and have to slide myself back into place on my seat. Riding passenger on sportbikes is not the most comfortable thing and I find myself bouncing around a lot and will have to make sure I have good grip on the pegs. Also, when in doubt, just ask the rider what he/she prefers as for grip style. I still continue to ask for feedback on how I'm doing as a passenger.

    quailchowquailchowPrieš metus
  • As a passenger, a rider with only ON/OFF switch for throttle and brake always annoy me. You know what I mean..?

    Krittin TeerasawasdiKrittin TeerasawasdiPrieš metus
  • I still find it more comfortable if the passengier acts like "dead weight" and not lean with me, because sometimes they lean just way too much and its just really dangerous.

    stijn trompstijn trompPrieš metus
  • Merry Christmas to you and crew, thanks.

    Glenn SGlenn SPrieš metus
  • I used to ride pillion with my Dad when I was a kid. I got my license when I was in college, and inspired him to ride again. When he bought a bike, I decided to try riding pillion which I found unsettling, in a way I hadn't as a kid. I found it hard to not be in control of the bike.

    PortapawlPortapawlPrieš metus
  • aww man I had a really good laugh at those hand signals. Happy holidays my fellow yamlets.

    Akino CrandonAkino CrandonPrieš metus
  • Please make a video of Yamaha XSR 155 for that range!!! really looking forward for that bike.

    isha solankiisha solankiPrieš metus
  • I'm going to old man here. I have something like 150,000 miles under my belt maybe more, I don't know. I do know one thing and that is the bitches be crazy. They will jump right on the back of bike without much thought. Personally unless it's some sort of emergency with a rider I know well I would never ride back seat. Women just take a leap of faith that the rider knows what he doing? Add gender combinations here..... I ride 2 up probably 80% of the time now, I can't escape my wife. "Oh going for a ride, I'll go." Not really what I had in mind. She's well trained, does what she should be doing but I think my mistake was showing her too much and gearing her up. She rode a moped in college so she knows how, she just needs to scale it up but she can't ride the bikes I ride and seems to like the thrill or whatever. I did have the idea of her getting a bike, I doubt that idea goes anywhere. She wood just rather ride in on a cool big bike as passenger compared to riding in herself on a Honda Rebel. Been up grading my wife's gear which if you have a partner that will be around a while you need to get them some good gear. End result is this for me. Bought a com system which is nice to hear the GPS, talk to your passenger and answer a phone call if it comes in. Also a few weeks a go caught a go sale on ladies leather jackets, full on riding jackets. $450 jacket for $125, the North is going snow for winter so they needed to get ride of some stuff I guess. I live in the Deep South BTW. We're riding through a swamp which is the usual where I am with big rain coming down. Wife says where we going to stop? I said we don't need to I can ride in this. I think that was the first time in her life that she realized a bike can ride in heavy rain and with the right gear it's really not a problem. 20 minutes later she realized rain isn't a problem which is one of the things that always scares her. It might rain I don't want to go for a ride. Now that isn't a limiting factor. Well shouldn't have bought her a jacket that works right and told her rain really isn't problem. Riding by myself is becoming more of a problem.

    CRPCRPPrieš metus
    • Haha, my man, look at it from a positive position, you may have the perfect wife! Any way, Merry Christmas and ride safe!🤣

      Perrin WeberPerrin WeberPrieš metus
    • @Wouter Incognito Owned both of those but the problem is I don't really have a place to ride a dirt bike legally. Never really stopped me before but ....

      CRPCRPPrieš metus
  • Does anyone know what bike that is at 0:26?

    Revolttookhim 08Revolttookhim 08Prieš metus
    • I thought exactly the same thing 🤣

      Stewart NortonStewart NortonPrieš metus
  • Ive always told people to ride at least a full year before adding a passenger. If im going WOT from a stop i pull my passenger in tight. And my ex came up w a good term for riding passenger, "jetpack" she holds on tight and leans as i lean. No surprises that way but it does require implicit trust that i know what im doing.

    CrashCrashPrieš metus
  • Leaning is a must have I never drivin a motorcycle but I know it’s a must, one day my ex girls fathers like let’s go for a rip on the snow machines (me being 16 and the last I rode was with my dad when I was 10ish) I said I knew what I was doing, we came out of his trail to the main trail and he gunned it so I did the same, my girlfriend and I both leaned outside cuz of the corner and I one skied it and the ass slid out in a drift I instantly stood up and counter balanced it, it scares the shit out of me for the rest of the ride that I could have injured my girlfriend, don’t do shit your not comfortable in, it’s not worth it

    Coolkill235Coolkill235Prieš metus
  • Merry Christmas also I’m getting a dirt bike for Christmas

    Izu the foxIzu the foxPrieš metus
  • Yummy you’re a little young for me and you have a lot to learn the information you give is textbook but most passengers or anyone that is ever gotten on the back of my bike I know them and they know me and a good rider would never let anybody on the back of their bikeWithout them understanding first to stay with the rider and do what the Ryder does you do have some good points and enjoy a lot of your content However and you have said it yourself it is a life long craft after you get some years under your belt you’ll look back at a lot of this and laugh. But you do have some good researchers and in the future I look forward to asking your Opinions onCertain motorcycles I am 65 and have been Writing for life I have a Suzuki dirtbike and a XS 1100 special Yamaha 1979 with 70,000 miles on it I wasn’t happy with your review on that particular motorcycle it was very fast in its day it stopped pretty good in it today cornering because of the drive shaft could be a bitch in right handersBecause of the shaft drive but you knocked it down pretty good and I do disagree with that Hope you comment and what I have written you I do see that you’re getting back in the saddle after your last mishap it did take a while fear is a powerful thingI’ve had more than my share of the following down the important thing is you get back up respectfully yours K A A

    Keith AppelKeith AppelPrieš metus
    • Keith Appel Punctuation will make your wall of text easier to read. Please consider using periods and commas in the future

      Jimbalaya ManJimbalaya ManPrieš metus
  • I got into riding because I'm a loner and I enjoy my alone time. Don't need anyone around me. Want me to take you for a ride? Buy your own fucking bike.

    Liam WestLiam WestPrieš metus
  • Can I add that tying hair back is a good idea. You’d think that hair gets blown backwards behind the passenger, but it often winds up in the passengers face or worse, in the drivers face.

    Jenn BJenn BPrieš metus
  • Great video and tips, thank you! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!

    Robert GRobert GPrieš metus
  • F T W W C I B M J

    Martin DMartin DPrieš metus
  • I had a dream last night that my wife fell off my bike and her dad wasn't thrilled. This video popped up 4 hours later. Thanks for the reassurance papa noob!

    Nathan AndrewNathan AndrewPrieš metus
  • My granny called em' murdercycles 🤣

    bennyhanna1976bennyhanna1976Prieš metus
  • I need to learn that "I'm a teapot short and stout" hand sign.

    I spilled my coffee on the floorI spilled my coffee on the floorPrieš metus
  • Hello there...this video was late. I had to carry a passenger just before this came out. God that was painful. Lots.

    giorgio steghergiorgio stegherPrieš metus
  • Why am I picturing Yammie riding behind Spite while listening to "My heart will go on"?

    Frank ConeFrank ConePrieš metus
  • Also tell your passanger what not to touch since on my first ride with my girlfriend she burned her leg on the exhaust when getting off.

    hqqw99hqqw99Prieš metus
  • Dude 😂 I’ve only lifted 3 people (2 girls, 1 guy), person A (girl) - 2 times; person B (girl) - 4 times, person C (guy) - 1 time. Let me just say, I’m never carrying person A ever again 🤣 she would not stop moving and fiddling around. I could just feel the bike “dancing” under me, she’d try and stay upright in curves, her foot placement on the passenger pegs would obstruct mine and she would not sit on the seat properly🤦‍♂️ it was just hell. Person B was a nice passenger, I have no problem carrying her again, she doesn’t do stupid things and I felt comfortable. Person C at least knew how he should behave but the weight distribution on the bike when he was on felt very weird as my rear end dropped quite a bit.

    KeoKeoPrieš metus
  • Torque is awesome!!!!! You could do a react on its like u did with biker boyz

    hugo diashugo diasPrieš metus
  • Hey Yammie ive had many passengers an it is essential to leave wit da driver like most say. Ive had a low side bcuase of it an crazy enough was able to bring the bike back up on 2s even with the knuckle head passenger. Kinda sid as if i was on a dirtbike and then the rear tire hit a pothole, the force of that and my foot brought us back. It was crazy! But hey could u do a episode on super sport cruisers? Like the m109r or vmax?

    Rodney Lesine JrRodney Lesine JrPrieš metus
  • What is the bike with the chick on the beach

    Thijs HoncoopThijs HoncoopPrieš metus
  • Everyone who has gotten on my bike with me I tell to hang on tight and keep their shoulders even with mine and as long as they listen it's no big deal having a passenger aside from the increased braking effort and distances it's when they start trying to fight the lean or shift weight mid corner that you will have issues

    kawadude mcdoublekawadude mcdoublePrieš metus
  • I'm to fat to be on the back. 😂🤣

    Mr MrMr MrPrieš metus
  • When in doubt whip it out...

    bexpoking1bexpoking1Prieš metus
  • 2 people on a bike, for rider: 1. Never throttle suddenly, trust me it is bad. 2. Only brake suddenly if it is really needed. 3. Give space to your ball, each time you brake, your ball will be squashed. for passenger: 1. Try to relax and enjoy the ride. 2. Adjust your position only when the bike is stop. 3. For no gay situation, always put your hand on your tight. If needed, put your hand on the rider shoulders.

    KevinMuliaKevinMuliaPrieš metus
    • @Laly M. It is borderline... we can say gray area... One wrong move and you are gay

      KevinMuliaKevinMuliaPrieš 8 mėnesių
    • I thought holding on to shoulder was a No.

      Laly M.Laly M.Prieš 8 mėnesių
    • @Josh sellout

      Laly M.Laly M.Prieš 8 mėnesių
    • On Ya Bike Joe That’s how I feel sometimes.

      JoshJoshPrieš metus
    • Josh Lister 🥴

      On Ya Bike JoeOn Ya Bike JoePrieš metus
  • Thank you I never thought that it was so important to know about all this . Love your vids

    wolf Katwolf KatPrieš metus
  • Out of subject I know but I need the answer: when u are cornering on a track, do u want more sidewall for better grip or less for less rolling resistance?

    Ian RichaniIan RichaniPrieš metus
  • No such thing as a Motorcycle passenger, only Rider an Co-Riders! Tim

    Tim BarnettTim BarnettPrieš metus
  • Always sit not the seat don't put your feet down stay strait with the bike what else he'll those things alone in good I'm sure there is more

    whatthefuckiswrongwithyou? assholewhatthefuckiswrongwithyou? assholePrieš metus
  • Getting my bike after Christmas

    Doodle’s musicDoodle’s musicPrieš metus
    • Good luck!

      Yammie NoobYammie NoobPrieš metus
  • I always tell the passenger to look over my shoulder in the direction of the turn. It's a natural thing to do and makes them part of the process, I also ask them to keep an eye out for hazards.

    mose717mose717Prieš metus
  • I always tell my passengers that the most important thing is to not shift weight in the middle of a corner. No matter how bad of a position you think you are in to take the corner, if you stay in that position, I'll be able to at least get around the corner in a somewhat stable way. If you shift your weight, that takes an unstable position and makes it 20x worse, because now it a moving unstable position.

    DionDionPrieš metus
  • I’m actually on vacation in the Bahamas right now and I’m riding a scooter. It’s my first time riding and I think I’m in love with riding. The scooter maxes at 60 mph though 👎🏾

    King GareyKing GareyPrieš metus
    • Unfortunately Yes

      King GareyKing GareyPrieš metus
    • @twf2004 its a scooter so yes

      Noah v BurkNoah v BurkPrieš metus
  • Good to have you back Yammie, Jammie J was great, but remember squidlets, Yammie will always be our first.

    Daniel ShapiroDaniel ShapiroPrieš metus
  • I must admit I like riding solo, I can rip the throttle and the response is way better. That being said I do miss having my wife on the back for some riding. She quit riding after having surgery over 3 years ago and she still says it hurts when hitting bumps and braking. So now all my riding is solo.

    Easy Rider GregEasy Rider GregPrieš metus
    • Ya but at the moment I'm on the other end of the scale. I like riding with my wife but not all the time.

      CRPCRPPrieš metus
  • I don’t have no passengers that ride with me, but it might be because I have a dirt bike.

    Josh DaveJosh DavePrieš metus
    • i ride two up on the track

      plague appleplague applePrieš 2 mėnesius
    • Might be xD

      HawkeyeHawkeyePrieš metus
  • I just got good news. My parents will support me into raceing in the isle of man tt. After I get threw high school and college. I see papa yam I click fast

    Homie TommyHomie TommyPrieš metus
  • I once was a passenger on my own bike (yamaha wrf 450) that isn't even made for 2 people to ride on. My super squid friend as a rider, he pulled dank nooners in top speeds constantly and I screamed on the edge of the seat.

    turppisturppisPrieš metus
    • I flipped a bike over doing that way back when. Watch this and hang on, over the bike did go.

      CRPCRPPrieš metus
  • Had a Passenger before, really suggest practicing on an empty parking lot first, the bike was very wobbly to begin with but after practicing and then going out it was absolutely fine.

    PaynePaynePrieš metus
    • Yup it's an entirely different riding experience

      Yammie NoobYammie NoobPrieš metus
  • Sah dudes?

    Ix -XICIx -XICPrieš metus
  • Nope and don’t plan on having a passenger any time soon haha

    F IwontsaynoshitF IwontsaynoshitPrieš metus

      F IwontsaynoshitF IwontsaynoshitPrieš metus
    • G Nutts I also don’t own a bike

      F IwontsaynoshitF IwontsaynoshitPrieš metus
    • G Nutts ya man sure lol Ok nut sack

      F IwontsaynoshitF IwontsaynoshitPrieš metus
  • Never had a passenger on my bike but when I was younger my dad would say don’t lean as a passenger just keep ur body straight on the seat.

    zane cooperzane cooperPrieš metus
    • Best advise i heard is is that the pillion should Just watch into the corner. By schifting their head the body Will shift a little bit. It is a bit similar to not moving your shoulders when looking behind in a car. Dont try too much.

      vakantieman32vakantieman32Prieš metus
  • I was watching the exhaust install on the FZ07 when this popped up. Man that thing was JUICY!

    Sweet TeaSweet TeaPrieš metus
    • Dakota Harless if you are looking for power gains, then go with the SC

      Sweet TeaSweet TeaPrieš metus
    • For the exhaust of the MT07, would the SC Project or Arrow Street be a better option? For the bike, not my ears Haha

      Dakota HarlessDakota HarlessPrieš metus
    • That was such a fun bike!

      Yammie NoobYammie NoobPrieš metus
  • Hi papa noob. I have my notifications on. Are you proud of me?

    Collin HeroldCollin HeroldPrieš metus
  • uploaded 2 minutes ago, already in my feed :)

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  • Hey

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  • First

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  • Sup bro