GIRLS vs BOYS! BAD Student vs GOOD Student 24 HOURS Epic BODY SWIPE! School Musical by La La Life

14 Sau 2021
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What if two students switched up bodies one day?😉 One is the coolest in college💪 and the other is the smartest one🤓 Their lives will change completely!
Lily and Chris can’t stand each other!😠 But now, when they switched bodies, they have to help each other somehow… 🤷 What happened next? Watch in the NEW EPISODE of La La Life!
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00:00 Bad student
00:15 Good student’s revenge
00:42 Body swap
01:02 Hard to be a guy
01:20 WC problem
01:53 Bad student’s revenge
02:28 I want my body back!
03:03 An awkward moment
03:21 Girls vs boys
04:06 Emergency!
04:35 Cleaning time
05:16 It’s hard to be a girl too!
06:00 Study or play?
07:24 What a choice!
07:47 This is so annoying!
08:26 TEST again!
09:40 Wrong girl!
10:04 Don’t mess with me
10:47 I’m in LOVE!
11:51 Manicure
12:40 Date
13:16 I’m me again!
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